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An Italian organ in Ostfriesland?!

The ORGANEUM in Weener proposes a one-day trip through "Europe", visiting organs of country-typical style: Weener (D), Stapelmoor (F), Rhede (I), Bellingwolde (NL), Jemgum (GB). This Bustrip starts in Weener. Saturday, 24th April, 9-19h. Pls contact ORGANEUM

Der Orgelführer zu 200 historischen Orgeln

Welcome to the landscape between river Ems and Elbe, which is well known for its famous organs. You will find more than 200 portraits of organs and informations concerning concerts, courses etc. Just click onto the map and navigate by location.

If you wish to purchase CDs, books or written music, please give our partner-shop a look, it is operated by jpc. There you will find a sound example of each CD. Delivery to all countries is possible at reasonable prices.
All guided daytrips and visits to organs are in german language, but our guides are prepared to give additional explanations in english. For an english-speaking travel group we could arrange special guided tours - just ask.
We apologise for having no website-translation for your language, this is a question of resources. Nevertheless, we hope, that you will understand the informations given in the portraits of the organs.
If you wish for special information or need further contacts please do not hesitate to send a mail to info(at) or by phone +49 (0)4141-77 83 86.

Orgellandschaft in der Region Lüneburg Orgellandschaft in der Region Ostfriesland Orgellandschaft in der Region Stade Orgellandschaft in der Region Oldenburg Mit einem Mausklick auf die Karte betreten Sie die Orgellandschaft in der Region

Die Portraits - wie auch die gesamte Internetseite - werden kontinuierlich ergänzt und erweitert, so sind Sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand.



Land Niedersachsen, Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK) Ostfriesische Landschaft Ostfriesland Stiftung Oldenburgische Landschaft Orgelakademie Stade Landschaftverband der ehemaligen Herzogtümer Bremen und Verden Lüneburgischer Landschaftsverband Organeum - Orgelakademie Ostfriesland